Meet the Staff

Janine, Executive Director

Overall operations, staffing, finances, fundraising, direction and administration of the clinic. Liaison to the Board of Directors.


Danielle, Dental Coordinator

Manages the dental department. Recruits and schedules all dental professional volunteers.



James, Pharmacist-in-Charge

Manages the pharmacy department and acts as advocate assuring the most services possible to eligible patients.



Brendle, Project Access Coordinator

Coordinates referrals and services with outside volunteer providers through the Project Access program.



Miller, Patient Eligibility/Lay Vol. Coordinator

Manages patient eligibility requirements. Ensured compliance with pharmacy eligibility requirements. Recruits and schedules lay volunteers.

bridgetBridget, Auditor

Audits patient charts for financial eligibility.

Chelsea, Pharmacy Tech

Assist PIC and volunteer pharmacists.  Manage refill and new prescription requests and operate the pharmacy pick-up window.


Cindy, Executive Assistant

Manages donor funding, assists Executive Director, manages IT.

Erica, Pharmacy Tech

Assists PIC and processes pharmacy functions. Recruits and schedules volunteer pharmacists. Operates the pharmacy pick-up window.



Donna, Scheduler

Responsible for scheduling clinic appointments and patient screenings and preparing medical charts for clinics and screenings.

Sarah, Director of Finance and Human Resources

Coordinates all areas relating to the financial management of the clinic. Oversees HR, payroll, and employee benefits.



Mike, Property Manager

Oversees property management and maintenance.

Penny, Scheduling and Chart Coding

Responsible for accurate medical chart coding and preparing medical charts for clinics and screenings.